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Judy D. Evans
Written by Judy D. Evans

The Wagner 905 1,500-Watt On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner is a canister steam cleaner that might look a little funny – sort of like a big yellow bug – but is one that seems to be a unit that would be good for a number of household projects, from cleaning the grill to removing wallpaper.This Wagner 1500 watt steam cleaner has 45 minutes of continuous steam output and helps take wallpaper off without constant stopping for water refills. Holding the steam plate against the wallpaper for about 20 seconds allows the paper and paste to be wiped away all at once. Steam away dirt and grime from floors, counters, stove tops, upholstery, carpet, curtains and pillows inside the house. Outdoors, get rid of old grease on the barbecue grill.

Put the pressure on dirt and debris with this power steamer super cleaner. At the touch of a button, the amazing steamer goes to work on grills, stove tops, bathroom fixtures, and even floors/rugs. Pressurized to supply a continuous sanitizing steam for a deeper clean, without the use of chemicals! From Wagner. Tools included with the Wagner steam cleaner are similar to other brands: jet nozzle, brushes, floor-cleaning head, squeegee, floor-cleaning pad, two extension tubes, funnel and measuring cup. Press a button to select continuous steam or intermittent steam for different jobs. This machine has a one- year limited warranty.The 905 Power Steamer features on-demand fingertip control for easy handling and precise cleaning. With just a touch of the button on the ergonomic handle, you can choose either continuous steam or intermittent steam to match the steamer’s output to the job at hand.

The 905 Power Steamer features on-demand fingertip control for easy handling cleaning and wallpaper removal is faster and easier than ever with the Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer. This system provides 1,500 watts of deep sanitizing steam that you can control with the touch of a button. Because it uses just water to cleanse, sanitize, and remove wallpaper, the Wagner 905 will save you money and will help you keep your kids and pets safe from dangerous chemicals.This tool also has another use. The Wagner 905 Power Steamer can be used to remove wallpaper. This can be a task that many people hate to tackle. You will see that now this has gotten easier. You can use the steamer to make it easier to peel the paper off. You will find that there is no need for you to use any additional chemicals to get the paper off. This can eliminate a whole step for you. There is also little to no residue left after the paper has been removed. You will love how much easier this has gotten.

This cleaning appliance is completely movable with nice body design, smooth finish, and attractive color schemes. The nozzles are flexible so you can clean and sanitize difficult to reach floor areas, nooks and crannies, corner spaces, and upright furniture. It comes with full utility accessories including extra extension tubes, window cleaning squeegee, and steam pads for floor and furniture cleaning.


  • Multi-purpose steam cleaner and sanitizer.
  • Quickly removes wall papers, removes tough adhesives, impacted dirt, and grime.
  • Beautiful and classy design with smooth finish.
  • Faster preheat time and extended steaming delivery at full power.

Product specifications:

  • Product name: Wagner 905
  • Product dimensions: 20 x 13 x 13 inches and 16.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Wagner
  • Model number: 282004
  • Power: 1500 watt


What’s in the box?

  • Extension tubes
  • A variety of utility brushes
  • A squeegee suitable for windows and tile
  • Floor cleaning pad
  • Flooring cleaning head
  • A measuring cup
  • A funnel



The Wagner On-Demand 905 Power 1,500-Watt Steamer and Cleaner is solidly built to be able to perform as expected. The way the unit has been designed allows the continuous steam function making it much safer than other steamers available. It’s easier to use this vacuum cleaner than many expect. The steam as well as the good design really does most of the work, which probably with other steamers you have to do most of the work without any guarantee that the results are as expected. The vacuum unit is versatile and functional Wagner 905 is considered as the best steamer product, which is much better than most of the ones offered at those shopping channels. It is made of stainless steel with iron grates and gas fixtures. This machine really does the cleaning. Users do not need to put hard effort at all to lift the stains they thought were impossible. The unit can also remove a burn blemish in the stainless steel that may have been there for years, which cannot be taken by a lot of scrubbing. And, after employing the vacuum Wagner 905 for kitchen cleaning, all will just a matter of wiping a bit water residue away. The unit allows an easy way to empty out the water right after it is cooled down.


The Wagner 905 unit does not have a powered brush attachment for pulling pet hair out of upholstery. It should have an indicator to let users know how much water is remained in the reservoir.

Final Conclusion:

Overall, Wagner 905 is a steam cleaner that really does a good job at removing wallpaper and do a competent job at doing other household steaming tasks.It just peeled right off and it is easy to remove long strips of it at one time. It was really nice to see this unit excel with at least one thing. It is very effective for tile floors which look fantastic and much superior then a brush and cleaner.

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