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Review Vapamore MR-1000 Forza Steam Cleaner

Judy D. Evans
Written by Judy D. Evans

The Vapamore MR-1000 Forza Steam Cleaner is heavy-duty, commercial grade steam cleaner that will fulfill all your automotive, household, and commercial cleaning needs. Designed over a 2 year period, the Vapamore MR-1000 Forza Steam Cleaner was engineered with performance, durability, and value as top priorities. The Vapamore MR-1000 Forza Steam Cleaner is arguably the best investment a professional detailer can make to take their services to the next level.

Vapamore MR-1000. . Features: Commercial grade steel construction with industrial powder coated finish delivers enhanced durability. Adjustable
steam output with operation indicator lights and pressure gauge. Oversized upright handles for easy transportation and maneuvering. Large heavy-duty sealed bearing rear wheels and swivel plate double ball bearing front casters. Italian made CEME components offer the highest quality parts. Computer controlled operation for simple unit control and use. Specially designed stainless steel boiler. Highly effective for treating bedbugs and other fabric infestations. Vapamore designs and manufactures high-quality steam cleaning products that are developed through an innovative design and testing process to ensure usability and longevity. Vapamore products are safe, 100% natural alternative to cleaning with chemicals, helping to keep your home free of germs, viruses, allergens, and bacteria as well as dust mites and bugs. Vapamore’s flagship steam cleaner, the MR-1000 FORZA, is the pinnacle in commercial grade, professional steam cleaners. With over two years in development, the engineers at Vapamore set out to create the absolute best steam cleaner available. The MR-1000 features commercial grade steel construction, continuous flow, computer controlled operation, and Italian manufactured CEME internal components to deliver the highest quality steam cleaner.

Vapamore’s flagship steam cleaner, the MR-1000 Forza Commercial Steam Cleaning System. The Forza is the pinnacle in commercial-grade, professional steam cleaners. With over two years in development, the engineers at Vapamore set out to create the absolute best steam cleaner available. Performance, durability, and value were top priority when developing the Forza.

The MR-1000 Forza features commercial-grade steel construction, continuous flow, computer-controlled operation, Italian manufactured CEME brand internal components, specially-designed extra-large stainless steel boiler with 1700 Watt heater, 90 PSI steam output pressure, ETL certification, a lifetime warranty and the largest selection of included accessories.

The Vapamore Forza is a multipurpose unit and can also be used to deep clean, remove dirt, stains and kill bacteria and spores without using detergents or chemicals. The Forza works with ordinary tap water and is the perfect non-toxic, eco-friendly green cleaning solution.

All over the world, MR-1000 Forza has greatly improved commercial cleaning for hundreds of business owners with star-quality restaurants and kitchens, auto shops and detailing, hospitals, residential care homes, and more. Experts in pest control have also found incredible value in the MR-1000 chemical-free treatment against bed bugs, dust mites, mold, and other allergens.

Product specifications:

  • Power Supply: 120 V 60 Hz
  • Heating Element: 1700 W – 14 A
  • Steam Pressure: 90 PSI
  • Boiler Temperature: 320° F
  • Tank Capacity: 1.1 G
  • Boiler Capacity: 0.8 G
  • Steam Time: Continuous
  • Heating Time: 9 Minutes
  • Steam Flow: 40 Gal/Min
  • Power Cord Length: 25 ft
  • Steam Hose Length: 8 ft
  • Weight: 45 lb
  • Certification: ETL

What’s in the box?

  • Steam Gun and Hose
  • Accessory Tool Adapter
  • 2 x Jet Nozzle
  • 4 x Detail Scraper
  • 4 x Nylon Grout Brush
  • 4 x Medium Nylon Brush
  • 4 x Large Nylon Brush
  • 4 x Small Brass Brush
  • 4 x Cotton Cover
  • 2 x Extension Tubes
  • 4 x Large Stainless Brush
  • 4 x Large Brass Brush
  • 4 x Micro Fiber Floor Pad
  • Large Elbow Adapter
  • Floor Head with Bristles
  • Floor Head Smooth Surface
  • Triangle Corner Brush
  • Smooth Surface Squeegee
  • Detail Jet Tool
  • Bed Bug / Fabric Tool
  • Accessory Storage Bag
  • Funnel
  • Water Bottle & Holder


  • Stainless Steel Boiler
  • 90 psi Steam Pressure
  • Produces 270˚- 280˚ Steam
  • Continuous Flow, No Down Time
  • 1700 Watt Heating Element
  • Computer Controlled
  • A much longer length steam hose


  • Lower pressure and heat
  • Short steam hose
  • Integrated heater may develop calcium and deposits
  • No 3 hole nozzle or horse hair brushes

Final Conclusion:

The Vapamore MR-1000 Forza is of the latter variety. Its 45-pound heft filled comes with purpose, though: the Forza has a large 1.1-gallon tank that continuously fills into a .8-gallon boiler, all enclosed in a rigid steel body. Being larger means having a larger boilers, larger tanks, more capacity, higher tip temperatures and dryer steam. Being continuous means you never have to wait for the steamer to cool down before you refill it. Simply fill the tank as you go, and it will never run out of steam. Heavy duty steel outer exterior, large wheels with attached handles and large accessories basket make this heavy duty commercial grade steam cleaner a breeze to transport in and around your commercial cleaning job, your home or anywhere that steam cleaning is the preferred method to clean your own steam cleaning application.

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