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Judy D. Evans
Written by Judy D. Evans

The Sienna Eco Steamer is a powerful handheld steam operated mop that sanitizes and deodorizes the floors of your home. It comes with a massive 40.57 oz. water tank that comes on and off this accessory with utmost ease. A low noise 1350 watt motor converts the water into steam in mere moments.

This fantastic eco steamer comes with 14 versatile attachments through which, the steam is dispensed according the surface that is being cleaned. They help the steamer clean wooden floors, carpets, and hard floors, as well as fabrics, glasses, windows, table tops, and vehicles too. The mop can be powered by any conventional power source. Attachments of the Eco Steamer by Sienna include two extension tubes, and an extension arm that eliminate the need to bend while mopping the floor. Heavy duty plastic wheels make it easy to move the cleaner from one place to another. Its body is made from tough plastic, and steel that is made to last. This mop eco steamer is water and fire resistant.

The mop comes in an attractive purple color with a water resistant glossy finish. It features a cord storage compartment that hides the mop’s long extension cord away from your sight. The Sienna Eco Steamer is certified for use by ETL, and cETL. It requires assembly before it can be used.

Use It Indoors to Clean and Sterilize:

Every cold or flu season leaves traces behind, and every trip to the outside world ends with germs on hands, shoes, and clothing. Now you can take greater control of the indoor environment and make it cleaner, healthier, and safer. Many people have sensitivities and allergies aggravated by dust and dirt in the household air. Pet areas and children’s play areas are hotspots for germs and odors, and toys carry the effects of sniffles, coughs, and sneezes. In the past, the only way to reduce household germs and bacteria was to use chemicals that could kill them. Many of these chemicals had strong odors and left a chemical residue that also poses risks to health. This powerful canister steam cleaner has changed that. Now, the cleaning and sterilizing power of hot steam can control germs and clean as never before.

For Hard-to-Clean Jobs:

There are many stubborn cleaning jobs both inside and in outdoor living spaces. The Sienna Eco Pro can make short work of time consuming tasks. You can melt away built-up grease, oil, and grime from hubcaps and wheels; you can clean years of baked-on carbon from the barbecue. It can also clean siding and cement areas. For any difficult task, the Eco Pro provides attachments to focus the power of high-pressure steam exactly where it needs to be. This lightweight, portable machine goes wherever it is needed to make short work of big cleaning tasks.

Product Details:

  • Surface Type: Carpet
  • Pieces Included: Deluxe floor brush, Extension arm, Fabric brush, Glass squeegee, Funnel, Refill cup (500 ml), Fabric
  • brush pad, 2 extension tubes,2 round brushes, 3 floor cloth pads, Steamer
  • Cordless: No


Multi-use steamer:

  • Limitless uses for kitchen sinks, countertops, ovens, stovetops and floors
  • Perfect for bathroom shower stalls, drains, sinks and even around toilets
  • Use outside on car tires and bodies
  • Ideal for hard-to-clean areas such as corners of tile or hardwood flooring

Powerful, sanitary cleaning:

  • Steam kills 100% of mites
  • Great for pet beds, furniture, carpet and bed mattresses
  • Kills 99% of E-Coli & Staph bacteria
  • Hot steam creates a sanitary environment
  • Use to sanitize dog toys and bowls
  • Use to sanitize child toys
  • Create a sanitary bathroom

Natural and environmentally safe alternative to chemicals:

  • Leaves no chemical residue
  • Uses tap water; does not require distilled water
  • No need to use chemicals

Provides 1500 watts of steam pressure up to 4 bars:

  • Heats quickly and ready within minutes
  • Ideal for the toughest cleaning jobs, whether indoor or outdoor

Floor attachments:

  • Use extended attachments, carpet glider and floor brush to sanitize carpets
  • Small cloth pad picks up dirt while sanitizing
  • Ideal for quick sanitizing either before or after vacuuming
  • Perfect for a refreshing of your floors at any time
  • Great for tile, sealed hardwood, linoleum, stone and laminate

Easy assembly:

  • No tools for assembly
  • No extra costs needed to assemble
  • Tools come ready for use

Cylinder roller:

  • Perfect for tight spaces
  • Ideal for blinds, ceiling fans
  • Great for small spaces under fridge or between countertop and oven
  • Makes cleaning up easy when used with cloth pads

Drain sanitizer nozzle:

  • Perfect for any drain
  • Clean and sanitize kitchen, bathroom and outdoor sink drains

Angle concentrator:

  • Perfect cleaning tool for hard-to-reach corners, under faucets and corner bath tubs
  • Clean tile, grout or outside decks
  • Combine with round brush to clean grout, sinks, appliances, blinds, vehicle rims and grills

Small brushes:

  • Nylon brushes for scrubbing small messes on glass stovetop
  • Round wire brushes for outdoor use
  • Nylon brushes ideal for small spots on tiles, sink, countertop and even the microwave

Triangle brush:

  • Combine with small cloth pad to clean upholstered furniture as well as curtains, pet bedding and bedding
  • Easy to use on flooring corners, countertop corners and even ceiling and wall corners


  • Attaches to the triangle brush to removes all liquid and create a squeaky clean surface
  • Perfect for shower doors, windows, glass mirrors and even glass countertops
  • Use with triangle brush on flat surfaces such as windows, shower walls and mirrors

Product Specifications:

  • Product Type: Steam Cleaner & Steam Mop
  • Color: Purple
  • Surface Type: Carpet
  • Pieces Included Deluxe: floor brush, Extension arm, Fabric brush, Glass squeegee, Funnel, Refill cup (500 ml), Fabric
  • brush pad, 2 extension tubes,2 round brushes, 3 floor cloth pads, Steamer
  • Cordless: No
  • Low Noise: Yes
  • Fire Resistant: Yes
  • Wattage: 1350 Watts
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Steamer Pads Included: Yes
  • Number of Steamer Pads Included: 3
  • Cleaning Solution Required: Yes
  • Product Care: Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Do not use strong liquid cleaner
  • Country of Manufacture China


  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Tools Needed: No tools necessary


  • Product Warranty: 1 Year


  • Commercial ONLY Certifications: Yes
  • ETL Listed: Yes

What’s in the Box?

  • Eco Pro steamer unit with hose
  • Carpet glider
  • 2 Floor cloth pads
  • Steamer head
  • Small cloth pad
  • Triangle fabric brush head
  • Refill cup
  • Funnel
  • 2 Extension arms
  • Drain sanitizer nozzle
  • Cylinder roller
  • Cylinder roller cloth pad
  • Angle concentrator
  • 2 Connectors
  • Squeegee
  • 4 Nylon brushes
  • 4 Round wire brushes
  • Accessory bag
  • Manual
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty


Cleans Edges/Corners Well, Easy to Use, Nice Design, Performs Well, Good Size & Lightweight, Lots of Features, Quiet,
Easy to Use, Looks Great.


Cord Length, Difficult to Empty Filter, low pressure in use

Final Conclusion:

Enjoy up to 30-minutes of continuous clean with the Eco Pro Steam Cleaner, as this tool is effective at sterilizing
hard-to-clean jobs in a variety of settings such as kitchens, retail, commercial spaces, veterinarian clinics, and
more while deodorizing.

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