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Review Home Pure Clean Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Pyle Smart Robot Vacuum Sweeper provides automatic multi-surface floor cleaning. Simply press a button and let it go to work! The smart robot will navigate in a random pattern, dusting and sweeping your room along the way. Built-in rechargeable battery and self-programming cleaning path navigation allows for hassle-free and wireless performance. The system is ‘bagless’ and the garbage collection tray opens for easy disposal. Automatically maneuver around obstacle and furniture — all while the robot automatically seeks out dirt dust and debris. Choose from (3) selectable cleaning modes, which can provide up to 90 minutes of cleaning. Mark one chore off of your list with the Pyle Smart Robotic Vacuum Sweeper.

Pyle Home Pure Clean Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

  • 90-min operation time
  • .3 L dustbin capacity
  • Self-programmed cleaning path navigation
  • Low-profile design slides underneath furniture
  • Obstacle detection cleans around household objects
  • Bagless operation
  • Garbage collection tray opens for easy disposal
  • Secondary spinning side brush lifts debris
  • 3 selectable cleaning modes: 10 min/20 min/max
  • Top panel touchbutton control mode selector
  • Built-in rechargeable 7.2V NiCD battery
  • Simple 1-button activation
  • Works on hardwood, linoleum, tile carpet floors
  • Detachable vacuum brush for easy cleaning
  • Battery operation LED light indicators
  • Includes charging cable power adapter
  • Brush dimensions: 7″ x 4″ dia
  • Weight: 5.68 lbs

How to use the robot

1. Put side brush on the robot.
2. Place the robot in the middle of the area to clean.
3. Turn on the robot by press the side button.
4. Chose a work mode and touch the corresponding word mode button.
5. Press any button to stop the robot while working.
6. If the robot shut down while working and the red indicator light flashes.please check if the brush wheel is trapped.remove the brush wheel and clean it.Then turn on the robot on the even ground.
7. If the robot shut down while working and the green indicator light flashes, please charge the robot. Green indicator light keeps flashing while charging and stay on green while fully charged.
8. If the robot turn off after finished cleaning, please lift the robot upon the garbage can, press the dustbin button to empty the dustbin, then close it.
9. If the robot shut down while working and the red and green indicator light flashes at the same time, press the side button for 5 seconds to turn off the robot, and then press side button to restart the robot, if do not work, please send the robot to the station.

1. Robot suitable for the flat ground and thin carpet , not suitable for uneven ground.
2. The robot suitable for small dust and particles, not suitable for paper, plastic bag, and wire etc.
3. The robot not suitable for wet dust.
4. Do not use the robot to clean near the stair and balcony.

Final Recommendation

There are now lots of cheaper devices out there on the market claiming to be a low cost alternative to the Roomba range. And, as you’d expect, few of them get anywhere close. However, as a budget option the Pure Clean comes out
pretty well.

Sure, it is only a sweeper, but that gives it better battery life and since hard floors are easier to clean, then it can do a pretty job.

Naturally, if you have the budget, you’d go Roomba, or one of the other high flying products, but for the rest of us the Pure Clean Robot Vacuum seems like a pretty effective and efficient alternative.

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