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Review Hoover U6485900 WindTunnel Vacuum

Judy D. Evans
Written by Judy D. Evans

You’ll notice that the Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel’s design is similar to Hoover upright bagged vacuums of years’ past. It’s extremely heavy (20.26 pounds), but is well-rounded in both usability and performance. Most heavy, wide vacuums are difficult to navigate, especially when you’re trying to plow through long carpet with the power brush getting caught along the way. The Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel’s self-propel feature, however takes care of much of this angst. Without having to worry about ease of pushing, this vacuum’s performance becomes even more appealing. It didn’t have a glaring weakness in our rounds of tests on hardwood, short carpet, and long carpet. The vacuum also managed to suck up more than 80% of debris on hardwood and high-pile carpet.

There are some potential roadblocks for household users, though. Its size and weight make it hard to move around and its hose and extension wand only extend to 7.5 feet, which isn’t much if you’re lugging the machine up and down stairs. We’ll cover more of the Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel’s benefits and shortcomings in this review.

Product Specifications:
There is a huge difference between handling the Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel with its self-propel feature (located
on top of the handle) on and off. When disabled, it’s a big task to push forward and turn corners with. When it’s on, it’s a pretty nimble machine that has no issue with lateral movement.

Cleaner Controls
In addition to the self-propel button, there’s the on/off button beneath it and on the base of the Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel are height adjustment controls. You can switch between long and high carpet and hardwood and carpet.

Cleaning Tools Use
There is a conclave spot at the top of the Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel where its pet brush is stored and there are
more cleaning tools attached to the back of the machine. All of these tools can be attached to the end of its hose.

Power Cord
At 28.5 feet, the Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel’s power cord is above average but since it’s so heavy, a longer cord
would make life easier on users.

Hose Use
Ideally, the Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel’s 7.5-foot hose would be longer so users can make better use of it on stairs or higher ceilings.

Dirt Holder
The Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel has a solid 1.39 gallon capacity, which is great because it won’t require to replace it too often.

The Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel uses a HEPA bag, which can be removed pretty easily.

You may need a crane to lift the Hoover U6485900 Anniversary WindTunnel from floor to floor. It weighs 20.26 pounds and you
want to carry it around too much.

This upright vacuum is backed by a three-year warranty.

The vacuum bag is easy to empty, and you don’t have to touch or inhale any dirt. You just remove the bag and throw it away. The dirt is contained in the bag, so there is none of the dust cloud that you sometimes get from dumping out canisters.

This vacuum cleaner has an indicator light that lets you know when it is time to empty the bag. It also has an auto shut-off feature so that, if you run over an object, the machine shuts itself off. This feature is vital in preserving the life of your motor.

This Hoover can adjust to three different levels. It can clean any surface, from high-pile rugs to bare floors. We were impressed with the machine’s power drive setting, which allows the vacuum cleaner to propel itself. It does take some getting used to, especially if you have never operated a self-propelled machine. We recommend shutting off the power drive when vacuuming around furniture. Otherwise, you may bump into it. It is also a little heavier than the best upright vacuum cleaners we reviewed. It weighs 20 pounds, but you may not even notice with the self-propulsion feature.

  • Brush on/off: Yes
  • Easy on/off: Yes
  • Manual-pile adjust: Yes
  • Accepts tools: Yes
  • Suction control: No
  • Retractable cord: No
  • Full-bag/bin indicator: Yes
  • High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter: Yes
  • Folds for storage: No
  • Self-propelled: Yes
  • Bag: Yes
  • Weight (lbs.): 21
  • Cord length (ft): 29

What is in the box?

  • Combo Tool (Crevice / Dusting Brush).
  • Pet Handi-Mate.
  • Bare Floor Brush.

The cleaner has a power drive and propels itself so you do not have to push it.

It is a little heavy at 20 pounds.

Final Conclusion:
The Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel is easy to use with its self-propulsion and a built-in sensor that lets you know when there
is no more dirt on your floors.

The Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel upright vacuum cleaner is self-propelled, so it does all of the heavy work; you simply
guide it. With its dirt sensor that lets you know when your floors are clean, it is easy to use. The sensor light turns green
when there is no more dirt left on your floor.

This bagged vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter that traps 99.97 percent of dirt, pollens and particulate matter.
It has an extra filter that cleans air after it leaves the bag. Even though it has excellent filtration, it does not have
airtight seals around each compartment of the machine, which means dusty air can still escape and blow into your home.

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