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Review Hoover Quest 1000 Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Peggy Deloatch
Written by Peggy Deloatch

Review Hoover Quest 1000 Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With Local Wi-Fi connectivity, the Hoover App, and our Tri-Clean System, the Quest 1000 offers the optimal smart-cleaning experience. The QuestNav 3.0 Technology intelligently maps your home, and our advanced Lithium-Ion Technology helps ensures a 120-minute runtime, making this our most efficient robot cleaner.

  • Hoover App – Compatible with the Hoover App, which allows you to customize your cleaning experience and maintain your vacuum for optimal performance
  • QuestNav 3.0 Technology – Systematically navigates around your home with laser mapping
  • Tri-Clean System – Cleans hard floor surfaces, small area rugs, and low pile carpet.
  • Cliff Sensor – Detects stairs and drop-offs to avoid falling off edges
  • Automatic Recharging – Automatically returns to the docking station to recharge
  • Extended Runtime -Cleans for 120 minutes before needing a recharge
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Product Features

  • The Local Wi-Fi enabled Quest 1000 can easily be operated and scheduled from all of your devices, making everyday cleaning more convenient. The Hoover App maps your home, so you are able to view, schedule and direct your Quest 1000
  • Our Tri-Clean System utilizes a side brush, an advanced brush roll and powerful suction to effortlessly pick up dirt, dust and pet hair. This paired with Lithium-Ion Technology creates enhanced performance on hard floors and carpet, to give you a superior clean.
  • QuestNav 3.0 Technology provides laser mapping, which enables the Quest 1000 to intelligently navigate your home for the most efficient clean. When the battery is low, the Quest 1000 returns to the docking station to recharge. If cleaning wasn’t complete, it will automatically return to its previous location to continue cleaning.
  • The Quest 1000 is powered by an advanced Lithium-Ion battery for 120 minutes of fade-free runtime, ensuring your Quest 1000 is always ready to achieve a superior clean
  • The Quest 1000 with powerful suction, durable design and increased power delivers enhanced performance on hard floors and carpet, perfect for cleaning everyday messes throughout your home.
  • The Quest 1000 automatically returns to the docking station to recharge. When the battery is low, the Quest 1000 returns to the docking station to recharge. If cleaning wasn’t complete, it will automatically return to its previous location to continue cleaning.

1. Scans and creates a map of the area
2. If it get stuck due to clutters or tangles, untangle then just push auto button, it re-scans to detect its location, it will continue to clean areas it has not cleaned yet.
3. Descent cleaning abilities.
4. Can really and would like to get into tight horizontal or vertical spaces.
5. If you have a large area and 1.5 hours cleaning is not enough it will go home, get a full charge and continue cleaning 3 hours later. 6. Likes to use or go patterned cleaning method.

1. It gets lost on dark areas, so I learned not to let it run during the evening.
2. It sometimes gets confused on dark patterned area rugs where parallel method of going over an area would be erratic. It will eventually find its way out under the table after spending 2-3x the time it should when a patterned cleaning is done.
3. Side brush might be better if has a bit of stiffness.

Customer Reviews:

This is my first robotic vacuum experience and it is unique. My son set it up on my phone for me and it took a bit, but once done it’s fairly easy to know what to do. Now when I first used this, my almost 2 year old grandson had just visited and there were a lot of things on the floor that wouldn’t normally be. So my bot kept getting hung up on a lid, coaster, etc that wouldn’t normally be on the floor. There was lots of rescuing going on that day. The info also says it gets up against walls but I rarely see this vacuum against a wall. So I’ll list the pros and cons.
1) It picks up dirt and pet hair well; it even picks up kitty litter well without spewing it out.
2) It goes under things that are hard to get to like under the coffee table, TV stand, etc.
3) It does some cleaning that you don’t have to get up to do.
1) This is not a great cleaner because it’s random, misses lots of areas, and in general comes nowhere near doing the job of a regular vacuum.
2) It gets hung up about every other time I use it. Several times I’ve come upon it trapped in a corner, under my kitchen table, where it can get in but cant’ find it’s way back out. For this reason, and it possibly getting on a cord, I would never use it if I wasn’t at home.
3) Don’t expect your floor to be spotless after you use it. Again, it misses lots of spots, whole areas (such as around cat box), and has a random pattern.
4) I’m not sure how durable this is as one of the brushes already seems frayed.
5) The dirt cup isn’t big and it’s kind of a pain to take it out and empty it.
Here’s the thing; if you live in a nice place with no kids or pets and not a lot of clutter, this will probably do well to keep your house cleaner if you run it every day. If you live in a home with one or both of the above, it’s not going to do a great job and it will probably get hung up enough for you to tire of it quickly. But as not to be too harsh, I enjoy watching him (take note of the pronoun) work and I’ve developed a fondness for him and, of course, given him a name. While I could never just sit back and watch another person clean my house without being up and helping, this is a no guilt experience. However, I would not pay the high price most robotic vacuums cost. The novelty just isn’t worth it.

The Hoover Quest 1000 was easy to set up and get running. I loved that the unit had about 75% of battery charge when it arrived, and that it was fully assembled. We simply downloaded the app and pressed “auto” on the “Hoover” as we call him, and he got right to work. The app is fun. My children like to watch the map layout and see just where “Hoover” is. As a mom, I like that I can send the unit to a certain place (under the kitchen table) and have him spot clean as needed. We have had no problem with obstacles or range. The Hoover is good at getting under cabinets and close to walls. I love that the vacuum detects objects and goes around them, rather than bumping into them. He goes from carpet to tile without a hitch. I like to see the dirt collected in the cup, because I can see just how clean my floors are getting. I think it sucks up more than my traditional vacuum does, so don’t let the size fool you! The Hoover Quest 1000 has definitely made chores easier – now, I can do laundry and vacuum at the same time!

We have a busy home with 4 kids, 3 adults and a cat. Some days we are quite busy and just don’t get around to vacuuming the floors. The Hoover Quest 1000 made it super easy to set it up to either vacuum when we were out running errands or when we went to bed. It was simple to set up the app on my phone where I could schedule the run times or run anytime I needed to add in an extra clean time. It’s got a pretty good size cleaning surface and cleans close to walls and furniture. It was able to clean my living area, dining, kitchen and hall (my downstairs) before it needed to redock and charge. It did pick up crumbs big and small, but if you have a lot of larger crumbs, like spilt cereal, you may need to empty collection bin mid clean…otherwise it holds a good amount of dust and dirt.

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