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Review Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner

Judy D. Evans
Written by Judy D. Evans

Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner is specialized spot cleaner, suitable for removing various stains, spots, dirt, messes etc. from carpets, upholstery, stairs, car seats, hard floors and similar. It can be even used on wooden floors, too, but with great care and only if the wood floor finish is certified for such cleaning.

Hoover FH11300PC Spot Cleaner is portable, lightweight carpet and upholstery cleaner which uses water and cleaning agents to clean every day stains and spills. Hard to remove and other stubborn dirty spots can be even (should be!) pretreated before cleaning.

Hoover FH11300PC Spot Cleaner sprays water and cleaning agent mixture, scrubs dirty area and than uses suction to remove dirt and dirty water.

The unit comes with a self-cleaning hose that flushes the hose after each use to help remove dirt and bacteria. When it arrives, unit requires some assembly, but no tools are required. In any case, before assembly and especially before first use, be sure to thoroughly read the manual – this is specific cleaning product and not ‘just another’ wet-dry vacuum cleaner.


Best Low Cost Carpet Spot  Cleaner

One of the better carpet spot cleaners that you can get at a competitive price the Hoover FH11300PC is a revolutionary cleaner that is specifically designed to tackle even the most stubborn stains. By combining extremely, powerful suction with incredibly useful hygienic deep tools, this one of a kind machine easily lifts and removes any kind of stain. You have to give it up for the geniuses over at Hoover.

Thanks to their ingenuity, the Hoover FH11300PC is among the few cleaners on the market that actually cleans itself after use. This is all due to their patent pending self-cleaning technology that flushes the hose immediately after use to prevent the buildup of bacteria and bad odors. This makes it one of the cleanest cleaning machines on the planet. Here are some more features that make the budget Hoover FH11300PC carpet and upholstery spot cleaner stand above the rest.

Powerful Stain Removal

Whether you have the world’s worst pet stains on your furniture or grease on your carpet, it’s of little consequence to the Hoover. Thanks to the clever incorporation of extremely powerful suction and high-performance formulas, this bad boy is guaranteed to loosen and remove stains and dirt from every inch of your carpets and upholstery. As if this was not enough, the manufacturer also included a Bonus expert cleaning gel that is very handy in pre-treating and eliminating stains.

Dual Tank Technology

One thing that quickly grabs your attention with the Hoover FH11300PC carpet and upholstery spot cleaner is the smart incorporation of dual tanks. Thanks to this state of the art technology, you get two separate tanks that handle the clean and dirty water without making a mess. To top it all off, these tanks are removable to allow you to fill, empty and rinse the containers more easily.

Multipurpose Tool

Aside from being the only spot cleaner that cleans itself, the Hoover also includes additional tools for an even more efficient clean. One such accessory is a deep cleaning rubber nub that offers a much deeper and thorough clean. This rubber nubs tool comprises of antimicrobial materials that make it super easy to clean while still protecting against mold and mildew.

Lightweight and Portable

This is one of the strongest and most attractive selling points that the Hoover boasts of. Thanks to its incredibly compact construction, this spot cleaner can reach almost every area of your home and remove stains quickly. Whether it’s the stairs, carpet or upholstery, you can rely on the Hoover to spray, scrub and suck away everyday stains.

Ease of Use

This Hoover spot carpet cleaner is simple to use. You pour in the cleaning detergent and the clean water. You plug in the machine and turn it on. You hold the spray nozzle over the stained area. You go over the wet surface a few times to suction in the dirty water. To remove deeply-embedded dirt or stains that have already set, you may have to go through the process more than twice to get all the dirt/stain out.

You can go over worn-out sections of your carpet several times in several directions. This action results in fluffing up the carpet to make it look plump and fresh.


  • Color  Red
  • Dimensions  9.7 x 13.9 x 15 inches
  • Item Weight   9 lbs
  • Manufacturer            Hoover
  • Item model number  FH11300PC

What’s in the box:

  • 1 – 8 oz. Expert Clean Detergent
  • 1 – 4 oz. Expert Clean Pretreat Gel
  • 1 – Multi-purpose tool with anti-microbial properties to protect against bacteria, mold, and mildew


  • Great for upholstery and stairs
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to fill and empty
  • Highly portable


  • Wish it had an agitating head
  • Some complaints of weak suction power

Final Conclusion

This portable cleaner allows you to give your carpets and furniture a longer life. It is a convenient machine to have around your home, especially if you have kids or pets.

If you want a portable easy-to-use carpet cleaner that also provides a deep and hygienic clean, you should seriously think about getting a Hoover FH11300PC Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner for your home.

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