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Review Hoover F7452900PC Max Extract Dual V Carpet Cleaner Machine

Judy D. Evans
Written by Judy D. Evans

If you have a home with flooring that has mostly carpet, or have carpet that gets a lot of traffic, then you may want to look at purchasing one of the Hoover Max Extract Dual V carpet cleaners: either the Dual V WidePath or the Dual V All-Terrain.

We were impressed at how much dirt these machines pulled out of our carpet. One added benefit of the Dual V All Terrain was that it also has the added features to clean hard surface flooring.

See our video review below to see these carpet cleaners in action, and read on below that to read our full in-depth review of the Hoover Max Extracts.

The Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner F7412900 is a very popular and well-liked Hoover carpet cleaner model. Hoover carpet steam cleaners are noted for their cleaning effectiveness. In particular, the Max Extract Dual V F7412900 stands out for it’s trusted cleaning power, widepath design and ease of operations. Let’s review the main features and how it makes the task of carpet cleaning effective and easy to do.

Product Features:

Counter Rotating Brushing – The MaxExtract Dual V F7412900 has 6 counter spinning brushheads that allow for thorough cleaning of carpets. The machine incorporates Hoover’s patented SpinScrub technology that enhances the pick up and clearing off of dirt and stains better than traditional uni-directional rotating brushes in other machines. You can see clear evidence that this technology works as a lot of users have reported near astounding results, sometimes better than commercial grade machines.

Multiple Brush Speeds – The counter rotating brushing motion comes in 3 speeds: gentle, spill pick-up and power scrub. This gives additional control to the user to decide on the level of scrubbing, and that carpet threads do not get over-worn through excessive scrubbing that is not needed.

High Powered – This carpet extractor has a horsepower of 12 amp. Although not a commercial grade cleaner, it has enough power that rivals that of commercial carpet cleaners that are rented at supermarkets.

Widepath – Regular Hoover SteamVacs have 5 brushheads. This is a widepath model with 6 brushheads or 20% more coverage. For users, it means faster or more thorough cleaning as the machine can cover a wider space with the same amount of cleaning strokes.

Edge Cleaning Bristles – Cleaning carpeting near the edges (eg. next to walls) can be difficult as the space is hard to cover. However, with these well-designed bristles, one can expect good cleaning to happen even near the edges.

Takes Hot Water – The clean water tank can take hot water to bring about better cleaning.

Separate Water Tanks For Clean and Dirty Water – There are two separate water tanks to keep the dirty water away from the clean water. This is not a single water tank system separated by a middle partition. Users do not have to worry about the dirt mixing in at all.

Separate Detergent Compartment & Rinse Mode – A separate detergent compartment is present. Users like it because it allows for the flexibility to do a rinse only pass without detergent. Not only that, it saves detergent. Users can simply save any unused detergent for their next cleaning.

8 Foot Hose & Handheld Tool – The long hose and handheld tool comes in handy for cleaning upholstery, stairs and other hard to reach areas.

1 Year Warranty – There is a one year manufacturer’s warranty with the product. Hoover has a great reputation as a company that stands behind their products and honoring their warranty. Customers who have experienced trouble with their machines say that they were able to get useful advice and support.


  • Don’t have to pre-mix the cleaning solutions
  • Cleans and dries carpets effectively
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Three modes: spill pick-up, gentle scrub, and power scrub
  • Power Scrub hand tool does an excellent job on upholstery


  • Doesn’t wash hard floors as good as carpeting
  • Heavy if you have to carry up or down stairs
  • You have to work slow to clean effectively
  • Have to detach and reattach hose to use on board tools
  • Power Scrub hand tool drips water often when in use

Final Conclusion:

The Hoover MaxExtract Dual V has many cleaning features that get your floors clean. This carpet cleaner has a unique Spill Pickup Mode that allows you to clean accidents before they cause permanent stains. With three brush speeds, you can adjust your controls to the type of cleaning you are doing so you can change your settings for cleaning high traffic areas or for doing light touch ups.

Hoover’s SpinScrub technology offers counter-rotating brushes that clean your carpet fibers from all sides. The brushes spin at 360-degree angles to give you a thorough clean from every angle. We like the brushes removable brush assembly. All five brushes attach to one piece that snaps off without the use of tools, making it easy to clean and remove tangled hair from the bristles after each use.

This cleaner includes a patented Dual V technology that gives the cleaner equal suction throughout its entire base. This will prevent wet patches or puddles from occurring so you do not have to make as many passes. Combined with its wide cleaning nozzle of 13-inches, it will not take you as long to clean each room.

This cleaner has a height adjustment with three different elevations. If you have, a variety of surfaces to clean you will appreciate this feature. You can easily transition from low pile to high pile rugs without getting stuck. The length of the power cord is 20-feet long, which is not as long as we like. However, the hose is 8-feet long, which comes in handy for above floor cleaning and scrubbing stairs.

This cleaner comes with an upholstery tool for cleaning furniture, and a powered hand tool for spot cleaning. The powered hand tool is equipped with spinning power brushes that make cleaning easier.

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