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Review Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik Lightweight Bagless Corded Stick and Handheld Vacuum

Peggy Deloatch
Written by Peggy Deloatch

Review Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Lightweight Bagless Corded Stick and Handheld Vacuum

The Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik corded bagless stick vacuum is designed for the way you live! This stick vac is perfect for rugs and hard floors, and it features an easy lift off hand vac. Just detach the hand vac and you are ready for dust, dirt and crumbs on furniture, counters, shelves, upholstery and drapes. An on-board crevice tools allows you to reach tight spaces in corners, around furniture and along the edges of delicate electronics. At just 3.8 pounds, the ultra-lightweight design allows you to easily move the vacuum from room to room and up and down stairs. The smart, bagless design is easy to empty so you can quickly check vacuuming off your to do list. The 16ft cord delivers constant power, allowing you to easily tackle any mess in your home. This versatile 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner functions as a stick vacuum, handheld vacuum, and upright vacuum and makes taking care of any size mess a breeze. Dirt Devil SD20000RED Simpli-Stik Lightweight Bagless Corded 3-in-1 Hand and Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The handheld part of the Simpli-Stick is a good option for cleaning furniture, shelves or automobile upholstery; although you may find yourself wishing it was cordless. When the crevice tool attaches to the handheld, it adds a few more inches to the length, which can be useful if you need to suction a few dusty areas just out of reach.

Dirt Devil SD20000RED is very quiet during operation. It is great little vacuum for multi-purpose cleaning, especially when considering the price of this vacuum cleaner.

Power cord is 16 feet (~4.9 m) long and it is manually wrapped – vacuum cleaner doesn’t have automatic rewind mechanism, but such mechanism would increase the weight, price and mechanical complexity of this simple and rather reliable vacuum.

Controls in the form of simple on/off switch are near the handle of the handheld unit. Unit has very smooth-rolling wheels, that are very gentle and leaves no scratch, not even on the sensitive floors. Note also that the unit is also very light and if you notice any damage on the wheels, avoid soft and sensitive floors, until the wheels are replaced. Or, having the price in mind, you can replace the whole unit.

Handheld unit detaches easily from the larger unit and it becomes corded handheld vacuum cleaner, excellent for cleaning various messes – great in emergencies.

On the other hand, dirt cup capacity is small when compared with dirt bags and dirt cups of larger vacuums, but for quick tasks, it is large enough.

Due to the combination of very affordable price, size and weight and its features, it is excellent as second or even third vacuum cleaner and it can be even used by kids (note that it is corded unit!) and elderly.

This hard floor vacuum does not feature side or edge suction, but the handheld option lets you access tight spaces. The Simpli-Stick is bagless, and uses a removable dust cup for quick disposal. When the filter gets dirty, you can rinse it and replace when it is dry. This basic bare floor vacuum offers excellent versatility and value.

Special Features: Ability to turn brush roll on/off for bare floor cleaning and carpet; convertible to a hand vacuum by removing the handle and the floor nozzle; crevice tool that attaches to the hand vac and stores on the handle when not in use

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-year, parts and motor

About Our Testing: We evaluated 11 stick vacuums on picking up pet hair on carpet, dry spills on bare floors, picking up along a wall, noise level, and ease-of-use factors like maneuverability, cord storage, controls, weight, and emptying and cleaning the dust cup or changing the bag.

The Pros

  • Not really expensive.
  • Not only is it priced within a college student’s budget, it’s also perfect for cleaning dorm rooms and apartments.
  • If you don’t have carpet, it sometimes feels like the manufacturers’ are forgetting about you and your needs. Finally, here’s a vacuum made with hard floor surfaces specifically in mind.
  • The size, weight, and design make it extremely portable and versatile.

The Cons

  • You have to assemble it. I don’t know about you, but I hate staring at directions and trying decipher where each screw goes.
  • While there are 3 options to choose from for how you want to vacuum, there is only one speed. As we all know, one speed is not right for every mess.
  • The cleaner is only 40 inches high, which might be a little short for taller folks. You don’t want to be walking around like a bent-over granny when you’re vacuuming.

Summary and Recommendation

This product has a lot of mixed reviews online. I think people may have overly high expectations for it. I say, if you do decide to buy it, you’ll probably get exactly what you paid for.

With that in mind, this might be a nice vacuum to purchase as a supplement to your high-quality, heavy duty one. Reserve tough jobs for that vacuum, and just use this one for small messes. No need to get out the big guns for every teeny, tiny speck of dirt after all.

I really like this little red Dirt Devil. Compact, very light and quiet enough to talk over. It’s still powerful enough to easily clean any hard floor in our home, including small-but-visible specks on carpeting (it won’t clean lint or hair on carpeted surfaces). It’s genuinely a floor vacuum, as there is no brush to clog with hair, and emptying the thing is truly easy and quick; not sure if I want a clear filter can… I suppose not seeing the dirt until I empty it is the most logical versus getting a 400-dollar Dyson where you’re looking at dirt the entire time… Speaking of which, ALL vacuums over 200-bucks seem waaay overpriced to me. They use cheap plastic-injected molds to make their parts, so there’s absolutely ZERO reason to pay anything near the Dyson-price-range when for 1/20 the price, this and other slightly pricier carpet vacs will do enough for your luxurious life of carpet vacuuming. Seriously, the build quality of all vacs is the same after browsing them in-person at Wal-Mart (so don’t overpay).

This is small and stores easily. The only thing I would say about storing it is that it rolls when you try to lean it against the wall if it is on a hardwood or tile floor. It is fine on carpet. It works great for pet hair, crumbs, grass and sand. It’s incredibly lightweight and makes vacuuming the stairs really easy as it also detaches into a hand-held unit. The cord wraps up quickly and easily but it’s not as long as a regular vacuum. However, with its small size and lightweight, it’s not a problem at all. The one con it has is that you cannot wash the filter. To clean the filter, you’re supposed to dump it into the trash but a lot of the hair sticks to it and it can get quit messy. I use an old toothbrush to get all the dust off it and store the toothbrush in a sandwich bag. Without the toothbrush, it doesn’t get very clean. But I can live with it because everything else is really good and it has made cleaning the floors so much easier that I don’t mind doing it now.

Oh My! I’ve had a swiffer sweeper ($40) plus cost of pads to pick up pet hair, etc. from my first floor – wood and ceramic. The swiffer worked, but the Dirt Devil ROCKS! There is no comparison – with a german shepherd and a golden retriever, you can imagine – I swiffer/sweep twice a day – not anymore. 8 minutes, and I was finished with the entire 1180 square feet of the first floor! No battery to run down, didn’t even have to empty the canister in between! This is the BEST SWEEPER EVER! Do yourself a favor – stop paying $40 for swiffer, and stop lugging around a big vac, and stop sweeping with a broom! Buy this and make your life easier!!!!!

Great product! I bought my first one on black Friday 2008 for less than $20 so I didn’t have high expectations but was immediately impressed with how well it worked on both tile and carpet (& now laminate and outdoor vinyl type carpet) to pick up pet hair, dust, ect (& even larger tree leaves outside too!) Now 9yrs later, while I no longer use it in my home and instead in my screen porch, that old vac is still going strong! I actually purchased a new (same) one about a year ago but am now looking for my third to move my second outside and finally get rid of ol’ faithful. It does still have suction but old or new, the filter, if you will, becomes caked and as time goes on it gets more and more difficult to clean. The same things happens with the bottom portion where it makes contact with your surface so you have to clean both places out with a disposable butter knife (or equivalent) quite regularly but that’s my only complaint. Other than that it works well, is light weight, has a compact design that’s easy to store and is well made, meaning it will break on you, loose suction or just stop working like many other products nowadays.

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