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Review Dirt Devil FD50105 Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner

Judy D. Evans
Written by Judy D. Evans

Ready to give your carpets a boost? Enhance tackles tough spots and stains in just 3 easy steps. We took the hassle out of carpet cleaning and made it even easier to brighten up floors with high-powered pickup packed in a lightweight design.

The Dirt Devil FD50105 Quick and Light Carpet Washer weighs in at just over 11 pounds and is designed for convenient cleaning.

This machine features a 20 foot power cord and an 11 inch cleaning head. It also has separate dirty and clean water tanks, each with a .75 gallon capacity. A water level indicator and the tank’s ability to be easily removed and cleaned are other bonuses to mention about this model.

The FD50105 is pretty remarkable for a carpet cleaner. The machine has earned a rating of 3.6 stars out of 5 from consumers overall, indicating that it has slightly above average results.

Consumers like that this machine is lightweight and that it was easy to assemble. On the other hand, its cleaning capabilities vary greatly between machines; some consumers had great results while others were very disappointed although they were cleaning up similar messes.

Another common disadvantage mentioned is that the suction on this machine is not quite powerful enough and leaves carpet fairly wet after use.

Product Features:

  • Easy 3-Step Cleaning-1. Fill 2. Wash 3. Rinse
  • Easy Up and trade Lightweight Design-Pick up spots and stains – drop the extra weight
  • Spot Magnet Turbo Brush-Target and tackle stubborn spots and stains
  • High Velocity Suction-High powered pick-up for the toughest carpet messes
  • Separate Clean and Dirty Water Tanks-Keep dirty water off your carpets


The Dirt Devil Enhance Carpet Washer is a compact machine.


This is a barebones carpet cleaner that lacks accessories.

Final Conclusion Dirt Devil FD50105:

This is an affordable machine that did a good job of cleaning carpets, though your carpets may take a while to dry after use.

The Dirt Devil Enhance Carpet Washer is an affordable carpet cleaner that is compact and easy to use. It is a basic machine without any accessories. There is no hose or attachments for cleaning things like stairs, upholstery or other hard-to-reach areas.

Assembly was easy and only took less than seven minutes. This one did require a screwdriver for the handle, either a Phillips or flathead. This cleaner was the most compact of all the products in our carpet cleaner reviews. It won’t take up a lot of room in your utility closet and is easy to carry around from room to room. Its cleaning path is 11 inches, which is on the small side, but big enough that it won’t require many extra passes to get your floor cleaned.

Its tank capacity is three quarts. This is below average when compared to the other cleaners we tested. If you have a large house, you’ll have to refill the tank quite a bit since you can clean only about 75 square feet of moderately soiled carpet with this tank. It’s best suited for small houses and apartments for that reason.

There is a design flaw with the tank on this carpet cleaner. In contrast to the other machines, the tank is long and relatively flat. This helps to make it more compact, but it is tricky to fill. The hole is positioned so you have to lay it flat when filling it and you have to keep turning it upright to determine if it has reached the vertical fill line. It has a separate dirty water tank in the base of the machine which has a more traditional design. Both tanks are easy to extract and clean.

This cleaner is lightweight to the point of feeling less than sturdy at times. The suction power seemed somewhat limited as we were shampooing, but it performed surprisingly well on our stain test. It showed a 90 percent improvement on the stained area after cleaning. This machine is also one of the quietest in our lineup, but most of the cleaners were comparable when it came to noise. Only the Oreck Revitalize was substantially quieter.

This machine performed less impressively during the rinse test. For the rinse test, we filled the clean water tank with clean water and then measured how much of the water was extracted from the carpet into the dirty water tank. The more water it extracts from the carpet, the quicker the carpet will dry. This cleaner extracted 50 percent of the water, which is not bad, but it’s significantly less than machines with the best suction. The best machines sucked up between 85 and 100 percent of the water during the water extraction test.

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