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Review: bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Scarlet Model  

Peggy Deloatch
Written by Peggy Deloatch

Review: bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Scarlet Model

This robot vacuum cleaner doesnt mind scooping up crumbs and leftovers as you enjoy your morning toast. What separates bObi Pet from the rest is a fresh design that condenses powerful technology into a slim, compact frame. Back-to-back brushes and over 80 obstacle sensors simmer underneath an illuminated touchscreen surface coated in bObsweeps satiny TouchMe texture. Just touch GO! and watch bObi clean up the pet hair, and use the included bObi blOck to keep her from entering restricted zones.

  • Sweeps, vacuums, mops, UV sterilizes, and HEPA filtrates
  • Illuminated touchscreen buttons: GO!, JUICE, and WAFFLE
  • Silicone touch sensors allow bumper-less detection and navigation
  • Compact design easily slides under beds and furniture
  • Quiet cleaning at less than 65 decibels
  • Washable dustbin can be rinsed out or submerged underwater
  • Back-to-back rubber and bristle brushes double the sweeping power
  • TurboLift vacuum suctions pet hair and dust bunnies
  • Mini-mop shines floors and wipes way paw prints
  • bObsweep’s signature TouchMe texture gives a smooth, silky sensation
  • bObi blOck lets you create a digital boundary to section off part of a room
  • Set a custom cleaning schedule with bObi’s easy-to-use remote
  • JUICE: Automatically plugs into charging station when battery dips below 15%
  • WAFFLE: Concentrates on small spill areas by traveling in a grid pattern

Cleanup is the one part of pet ownership we don’t speak fondly of. Unleash bObi Pet in your home and her 5-in-1 automatic cleaning powers quickly turn mess into magic. Now that’s worth bragging about! Fur and dirt don’t hold any ground against bObi’s boosted suction, motor upgrades, increased battery life, and svelte TouchMe™ texture. From the inside out and beyond, bObi Pet is the best of the pedigree.

  • Choose from Scarlet and Silver accents to complement your home decor. bObi’s sleek, compact design stands out in every home for its modern and understated sensibility.
  • Draw a 10′ digital barrier across your space with blOck, and keep bObi away from sensitive furniture or other off-limits areas.
  • No heavy machinery to lug around. Activate her cleaning powers with just a tap.
  • Remove lingering dirt with a single rinse, or fully submerge her dustbin underwater.
  • They’re not just for show. Silicone touch sensors detect obstacles and cushion impacts.
  • An ultra-soft silicone casing covers bObi’s perimeter and remote for a luxurious feel.
  • bObi cycles through her cleaning algorithms for a duration of a single charge (75+ mins), getting your house in tip-top shape.
  • When her battery reaches 15%, bObi finds her charging station on her own. No human assistance needed.
  • bObi will clean in a waffle-like grid to take care of spills and other localized messes.

Even if you can find it online for less than its high $349 list price, the Bobi Pet isn’t worth it. It lacks a Wi-Fi-connection, an accompanying app, its suction power is poor, and it easily gets caught, which kind of kills the convenience factor of an automatic robot vacuum. iRobot’s Roomba 980 is $50 more but it’s powerful, Wi-Fi-connected and app-enabled. The Neato Botvac Connected works just as well as the Roomba, and costs $200 less. So, if you’re in the market for a connected robot vacuum, we recommend the Botvac. Our Editors’ Choice, the $449 Neato XV Signature Pro, gives you much of the same powerful, automated cleaning power, but without smartphone control.

  • PROS

    Attractive design. Quiet. Comes with remote.

  • CONS

    Time-consuming setup. All components require installation and batteries. Prone to errors and snags. Weak suction.


    The Bobsweep Bobi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner looks good and runs quietly, but it frequently snags and lacks suction power, making it a poor choice.

This is my first robot-type vacuum cleaner and it has performed fairly well. Pros: – Cleaning in hard to reach places like under the bed. – Unattended cleaning for the most part, but you do have to pick up any small items first – Pretty thorough in picking up dust and dirt, the compartment is always full after a cleaning Cons: – Doesn’t work well with stuff like small toys, rugs, often get stuck and requires manual intervention – The dust/dirt compartment broke off rather easily after a few uses (pic attached), still functional though – Doesn’t seem like it has a memory of where its been, just roams randomly, which requires longer cleaning times to get an entire room clean Verdict: – This is a great starter robot vacuum cleaner that requires little attention. You just have to pickup small items before starting. For that reason, I would not advise using it on a schedule as it can get stuck most of the time. It is bad on small rugs that can get bunched up. It cleans well when there are no obstructions so this products’ effectiveness is dependent on your home layout.

I’ve been using this for the past month and can say that I use this daily. This vacuum requires very low maintenance and does all I can ask for. Currently remodeling our house and this littlemachine has been very helpful. No need to manually vacuum carpets or my hardwood floors. I occasionally use the mop attachment on my hardwood if its lacking the shine of the gloss. Only had a few issues with the vacuum; 1) Sometimes it won’t find the base station when it needs more juice. 2) Occasionally bumps into objects. 3) Gets caught onto wires very easily. Overall, I’m loving the customer support that is very responsive on any questions or concerns I’ve had regarding product features and warranty specifications. Pros: – Strong suction to pick up all dust and scraps. – Remote Control is very responsive. – Extra replacement parts to replenish vacuum over time. – Bumper guards to prevent any damage to walls or objects. – Easy to remove dustpan to clean. Cons: – Vacuum return to Base Station – Occasionally bumps into objects or entertainment system. – Gets caught on wires and cords.

I’m in love! I had quite a few speculations before it arrived but not since finally having a clean home (with 2 boys and a dog). Also upon opening the box I was a little overwhelmed at the amount of parts thinking there was a ton of set up. But it is actually 3 simple steps until you are up and running! (the other pieces are add on pieces and replacement parts…all very well explained in the instruction manual.) Some of my favorite features that I actually didn’t know about before buying: -there is an attachable mini microfiber mop cloth. Attach it slightly wet to the bObi, and watch all your sticky spots disappear. -the microfiber cloth can be thrown in the washing machine! -the dust pan is washable. It’s just plastic so you can wash and disinfect it when you empty it -it comes with a remote so you can control it, turn it on, set a schedule (day of the week and time of day) -it has a charging station so no remembering to plug it in! -it has an edge brush to get right along the baseboard -it sucks up larger pieces of food that I thought it would just push away The only cons are: -it is pretty strong so sometimes pushes against and moves my kitchen stools before the sensor kicks in -it will suck up cords (as all vacuums do)

I have been a Bobsweep fan and owner for 4 years! & got my first BobSweep for Christmas and he was the life of the party. We had the pet version The mopping features and the UV light were my favorite part and I really felt that it would clean effectively and quickly. I just upgraded to the Bobi Pet and I am in love. I love the clean digital buttons, and the block is great because it prevents BObi from entering into a room If I need to keep the door open. Honestly it’s been the best technology investment and cleaning invest for our life mixed with no time to really sweep regularly and a dog that leaves a mess! The timer is perfect and I highly recommend. The second product even came with back up parts and screwdriver so you can take care of BObi! This is awesome! I also have to mention that in mg ownership with Bobsweep I have reached out to customer service two times and each time; they have quicky helped me resolve my problem and make sure I do so in the lost economical way possible. This is rare to find in a company and I normally don’t leave these extensive reviews, but really, this product is one I’m obsessed with. You won’t be disappointed.

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