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Review: Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum, 1700 (New improved version of 1240)

Peggy Deloatch
Written by Peggy Deloatch

Review: Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum, 1700 (New improved version of 1240)

Keep your living space tidy with the Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum. It offers a dirt separation system that captures more fine dust to keep your washable filters newer for a longer time. Less dirt and particulate in the home means that allergies and allergic reactions can be reduced, helping to keep you healthy. The Bissell PowerForce upright vacuum also works to extend the suction power and cleaning performance. Ground-in grime on rugs and carpets is quickly and effectively lifted away to leave behind spotless floors. Five height adjustments make it easy for this bagless upright vacuum to clean almost any surface. Start out in your living room to remove what is tracked in by the kids, then move to the kitchen to pick up crumbs from the tile. This Bissell PowerForce upright vacuum is a welcome addition to any household.

Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Vacuum 1700 (New improved version of 1240):

  • Great for carpeting, upholstery and more
  • 5 height adjustments
  • Bissell powerforce upright vacuum has a large-capacity dirt container
  • Washable filters
  • Onboard tools
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Separation system captures more fine dust
  • Helps to reduce allergens
  • Dirt separation system helps to extend the suction power and cleaning performance
  • Can clean nearly any surface from carpet to tile
  • Model# 1700

The first thing that is surprising about the Bissell Powerforce Helix Upright Bagless Vacuum is the price. It is an extremely cheap vacuum cleaner! The features on offer for a vacuum of this price provides excellent value. However at this price you are obviously not going to get the same standard of performance and air filtration as with a Shark or Dyson for example.

We have evaluated over 300 user reviews on this cleaner on the manufacturer’s website with an amazing 97% of respondents confirming that they would recommend the Powerforce Helix to a friend. The vast majority of reviews are highly positive. Our summary of the positive and negative comments from users on the Powerforce Helix Bagless Upright is given below:


  • Easy to Empty Bagless design – no cost of replacement bags.
  • One of the cheapest vacuum cleaners you will find at this price!
  • Washable filter – reduced cost of replacement filters.
  • Lightweight and easy maneuverability.
  • Good suction and cleans well including pet hair removal.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable carpet settings. Works on both carpet and hard floors. The Bissell Powerforce Helix 1700 also has a ‘bare floor’ setting.


  • No auto re-wind cord.
  • Short hose and extension wand.
  • The power cord is 23′ which is short for larger homes.
  • Only basic level of filtration (not HEPA). Although for this price that is to be expected.
  • No brush roll shut-off function.

The Verdict – if you are looking for a budget vacuum cleaner that is feature rich and high performing then you really cannot go far wrong with the Bissell Powerforce Helix Bagless Upright 1700.

Very good suction! I had an older Bagless Bissell vacuum and had vacuumed the house in the morning. I got this in the afternoon and vacuumed again and was blown away when I saw how much

silt (fine dirt) the new vacuum got. (i uploaded a photo of the canister). Amazing. Very light, lighter than the older Bissell, and moves effortlessly. Runs great on carpet as if self propelled. Love that I can remove the canister! I used to take my older Bissell vacuum out of the house, dragging it over our gravel driveway to our trash cans and then open up the plastic container and dump out the dust. Now, I just release the canister, take it outside and push the button, the bottom opens and out comes the dirt. Easy peasy. Love the new filter too! The older Bissell had two filters, this one just has one (foam -so easy to wash), so less mess to clean (I washed my filters once a week). We have bare floors and rugs. And it just works very well. Ok, now the buts: 1. No light on the front – very helpful feature which is missing but acceptable. 2. Cord is about 1 foot too short for my house. Acceptable 3. On my older Bissell, I duct taped the cord to the handle to try to keep it out of the way and that helped. This unit has a similar feature called a cord lock, but it should be up higher. But acceptable where it is. All in all I highly recommend this. My older vacuum worked ok, but I guess it is best to replace your current vacuum after the 2nd year of use (i.e. the 3rd year), as the motor gets worn, parts get worn and it just does not work as well. If in doubt, buy it, try it out and if unsatisfied, return it. That’s what I was doing, when I realized I want to keep this baby. And this, for the price is a steal. Nice color too! (I chose blue)

Bought this inexpensive vacuum from Walmart mainly due to reviews and price. I was looking for a decent, affordable, light weight and reliable vacuum to replace my year old Hoover that began to burn up.. Hoover used to be more reliable and I paid around 100 bucks for it as it too was a bag less vacuum. Bought this Bissell for around half the cost of the Hoover . This Bissell has been great so far after 6 months. It does everything well and is very light weight. The only addition it needs is an LED Head light as it has no light at all which I miss. I took some Velcro and a mini LED Flash light and attached it to the Canister which is near perfect so when I need a light I switch it on. If this Bissell Vacuum had a head light, It would get 5 stars.. Not sure why Bissell did not integrate an LED head light as it would not cost much if anything at all to add a simple LED. It really helps to have a head light when Vacuuming at night or in dark corners or under certain places which are dark and you need to see what is coming and going up into your vacuum. I would pay a couple of bucks more for a headlight. So….. Only 4 stars….

After researching vacuums, I picked this one, primarily because of the reviews but also because of the price. This will be my upstairs vacuum (being 60 yo, I don’t care to haul my 30+ lb Behemoth

up and down the stairs every time I want to clean). This is lightweight and easy to carry. The hardest part of putting it together was getting the screws in place. The threads were tight, and even though the heads show a Phillips pattern, a flathead screwdriver works best. The Phillips slipped and I was afraid I would strip the head. A note about the pre-filter: It took me a while to figure it out – it’s the sponge thing at the top of the canister and it peels out – the plastic stays put. (Hey, it’s my first bagless vac, so I didn’t know, okay?) WOW! Not one, not two, but almost three Mega Build-a-Kitty Kits! Our last fur-baby left us more than a year ago, and even though my stay-at-home hubby vacuums almost every single day with our big Kenmore (14 yo, so…), the picture shows what I picked up in just two bedrooms and a bathroom with this Bissell. The vacuum did bind on the carpet in several places, and I had to wrestle with it, but I think it’s because we washed our carpets a while back and those were places with residual soap. No matter, it wasn’t hard to get it moving again, and I figure it was good exercise. I did buy the replacement plan because of some of the reviews I read, but I LOVE this vacuum. I hope to have it for a very long time (and bought the 2-year plan, just in case).

I needed a vacuum really badly, and didn’t have much to invest at this time. and was not really confident that this vacuum would be sufficient. My doctor had told me that I was exposed to something I was allergic to as my nasal area exhibited inflammation, drippy nose and eye irritation. I spend a lot of time at home, so it wasn’t a big leap to think I should upgrade my vacuum. Old one had to go. It is a bag less vacuum, and the suction is awesome, and as I am a little gimpy . it is easy to use and easy to put together. all you need is a screwdriver.. . . The first time I vacuumed my little apartment I got about two inches of silt, four inches of hair, mixed cat hair from the former tenant and my own by color. The silt included the wood cuttings from the landlord putting in the heating vent which had gone everywhere. Very distinct color thread. There was no way I could rationalize not cleaning the cup out . . So when I vacuumed the second time. . same thing. . so much more came out of the carpet. Picture is second vacuum, first vacuum was twice that. I have a four room apartment only two of which have carpet. I feel so much better about this vacuum and for the price, most certainly would recommend it. Weird that the picture loaded on its side. . Would never buy a bagged vacuum again. .

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