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Review Bissell Cleanview Bagless Upright Vacuum with Onepass Technology, 1330

Jeffrey McCarty
Written by Jeffrey McCarty

Previously, I have introduced to you one of the most best seller products coming from Bissell model 9595A. But this time, as many requests and emails asking for an upgraded version of that, I decided to write a post about a Bissell Vacuum 1330 – Corded review to help people understand more about this amazing Bissell feature.

At the same time, this Bissell CleanView Bagless Upright Vacuum 1330 is rather cumbersome to use and, thus, not suitable for people who don’t have a lot of space in their home or who have kids that run around a lot and need free space. People who have slightly spacious homes can really enjoy using this product. The many benefits of using this product certainly do outweigh the cons.

A brief summary of Bissell Vacuum 1330 – Corded review

First, you can keep cleaning simple and effective with OnePass Technology from Bissell. As you already know about this OnePass Technology — with powerful suction and an innovative brush design — that cleans on initial pass. Also, the premium attachments provide fast and effective cleaning — so you can get on with your day.

Pros and Cons

In the bright side, if you are looking for an inexpensive but stills covers a strong suction, this is your choice base on the OnePass Technology that Bissell offers you. Moreover, you can easily adjust the vacuum to turn to clean different kinds of floor without being interrupted. And one more thing, this vacuum cannot hurt your arms when moving, it is so light when compare to a Dyson or even a Shark vacuum.

In some cases, you may find this vacuum not as you expect because of some drawbacks. First, it is about the major design flaw. In fact, some people found that the Bissell vacuum started eating their carpets due to the unchangeable height. Furthermore, it can charge you a lot when the accessories come apart.

If the height dial is difficult to turn, especially when increasing the foot height, tilt the vacuum back. This will take the weight off the foot while turning the dial.

Bissell 1330 is powered by 10 Amp motor, which provides rather good suction, especially in the upright vacuum mode. When hose is being used, some loses are present due to the hose length, but crevice and turbo brush tools have mouth opening much smaller than main nozzle, keeping the suction high.

Main nozzle is 13.5 inches (~34.3 cm) wide and in combination with brushroll and 5 height settings, Bissell 1330 can clean various surfaces like low-, medium-, and high pile carpets and rugs, bare floors, cars, upholstery, stairs etc and various dry dirt.

Height setting is changed via dial on the main cleaning head (‘foot’) – for the best cleaning performances, it is recommended to adjust the height to the lowest practical setting. If the vacuum is difficult to pull-push around, be sure to adjust the height to the next higher setting.

If the height dial is difficult to turn, especially when increasing the foot height, tilt the vacuum back. This will take the weight off the foot while turning the dial.

Recommended height settings:

lowest setting – for low pile carpets, hard floors and other bare floors only. To pick up larger debris from such surfaces, it might be necessary to increase the height slightly. For example, some dry pet foods cannot be vacuumed off the tiles with the lowest setting.

medium setting – for medium pile carpets or low pile carpets with larger debris.

highest setting – this setting is recommended for high pile and most shag carpets, or for medium pile carpets and larger debris.

Note: when vacuum’s foot is too high above the floor, cleaning effect is decreased.

One of the very important, but often underestimated features, is so-called ‘Dual Edge Cleaning’ – Bissell 1330 comes with additional side brushes which help with edge cleaning on both sides of the main cleaning head — great for cleaning along walls and similar areas. bissell 1330 turbobrush toolFor cleaning various surfaces, Bissell 1330 comes with 6 feet (~1.8 m) hose and TurboBrush and Crevice Tools, suitable for cleaning stairs, upholstery, furniture, between cushions, edges and other hard to reach surfaces.

Bissell 1330 doesn’t have variable suction control or brush on/off switch. Vacuum’s on/off switch is not positioned on the handle, but can be reached easily. Also, Bissell 1330 can be used as pet hair vacuum cleaner, too, just be sure to check brushroll from time to time and when required, remove the hair. Power cord is 25 feet (~7.6 m) long and is long enough for cleaning single room using single wall power socket. Also, there is no automatic cord rewind system.

Unit doesn’t have full swivel head – nonetheless, Bissell 1330 is easy to maneuver around.

Bissell 1330 is relatively lightweight unit – it weighs 15.5 pounds (~7 kg) and thanks to the wheels, it glides over various surfaces rather easy. Hose in combination with turbo brush or crevice tool is very easy and lightweight to use. However, Bissell 1330 as the vacuum, is not the lightest unit around and elderly people can have issues moving it up and down the stairs.


Now that you are approaching the end of this Bissell CleanView Bagless Upright Vacuum with OnePass Technology 1330 review, you need to learn about the various accessories this product has to offer. There is a turbo brush, a dirt tank, a foam filter, and a crevice tool that you will receive with this product.

Support and Warranty

This product comes with an impressive two-year warranty, which is more than enough time to use this product to its fullest extent with the assurance that it will not break down without you getting a replacement or free repair.


If you want power and cleanliness of the highest degree, there really is no carpet cleaner better than this one, and weight and portability tend not to matter when things like this are what you are aiming for.

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